Lotus notes client 7.01 for Linux

Maybe some of you remember when WE – Lotus Notes user and also Linux lovers
– ask when will the IBM release Lotus Notes client for Linux? The answer is
simple, NEVER because it will need to redesign and recoding the software
completely, and even IBM doesn’t have resources for that.

But now, there is.

IBM finally launching Lotus Notes client for Linux since June 2006. Thanks
to eclipse powerful software, IBM engineers able to run Lotus Notes client
as eclipse plug-in.

Some user report that the client is take a lot of memory because it run
under the eclipse software. While eclipse software it self take a lot of
memory. Users hope that maybe in future, respectful IBM engineers will able
to make eclipse software much thinner and lighter and of course faster. So
Lotus Notes client able to run under it with better performance.

Right now, only passport customers are able to download the software. There
is no trial version – yet.

Well, at least we have hope now. Not that simple answer NEVER.

Linux is the future, as simple is that. And IBM knew it, that why despite
the NEVER answer, IBM still looking for a way to make Lotus Notes run under
linux. Thanks IBM for great and wonderful software’s.

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