Funambol: Open Source Domino Sync

While I’m browsing the I saw an add that interest me. Open Source Domino Sync. The first two words very interesting, ‘Open Source’ :).
When I click that link, it link to me to this site at, and inside its much much more interesting.

It’s very like similiar with software like commontime, where we can sync our contact, calendar even email and journal to our ‘mobil device’ but it’s an open source. It’s compatible with many mail server and with many ‘mobile device’. It even provide domino connector, so Funambol server can connect to the domino server.

I have an old palm device and been searching for sync software for a while, and found out that commontime is more suitable for my purpose. But, with my budget, I can only afford the desktop version where I can only sync when I connect to my pc at work. I can not sync from anywhere else.

But with this, push email for domino is in the horizon with no cost at all.

I not yet try this piece of software, but after I create a testing environmet, I will try it asap.

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